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Absolutely, we are! Student Seats was founded in Alabama by two alumni of the University of Alabama in 2020. We're partnered with Trustap, a reliable escrow transaction system, to offer a safe and secure marketplace for college students to transfer their student tickets without any worries. Our initiative has been recognized and featured in student newspapers at universities including Alabama, Michigan, and Wisconsin, affirming our legitimacy and dedication to facilitating a safe space for ticket transfers.

Trustap is our trusted ally, ensuring all your transactions are secure and protected. Established as a verified Stripe partner, they facilitate transactions through a reliable escrow system, offering round-the-clock customer support to assist you at any step of the transaction process. Our collaboration since 2022 stands testimony to the secure, user-friendly environment we aim to provide.

Welcome to Student Seats! Upon registration, we initiate a basic Trustap account for you, paving the way for secure transactions. If you're planning to sell, head over to the 'Selling History' tab in the 'My Tickets' section to upgrade your Trustap account, enabling you to add your bank details and receive funds seamlessly. Buyers, rest easy knowing your basic Trustap account has got you covered, no further registration required!

Think of escrow as your transaction guardian, always on duty to ensure a safe and secure exchange. When you make a payment through escrow, your funds are held in a secure account, where they stay until you have received your purchase and given the green light. This system safeguards against scams, providing a safety net that ensures both buyers and sellers uphold their end of the bargain. It's our way of fostering a trustworthy and reliable marketplace, where you can trade with peace of mind, free from the worries of scams and frauds.

Begin by logging into your student portal via your school's .edu website. Once there, locate the ticket transfer portal, find the ticket you're selling and click 'Transfer'. Next, you’ll enter the email/phone number of the student buying your ticket and click 'Send'. Great, the first part is done! Now, head back to Student Seats and click 'I Sent My Ticket' to update the status and keep the transaction moving smoothly.

No, tickets are owned by other students and must be transferred through your school's student portal on their edu website. This is why protected escrow transactions are needed!

Most schools allow for non students to sit in the student section by either purchasing another student ticket from someone else or after paying an additional upgrade fee.

If your school allows non students to sit in the student section, your parents will be allowed to sit with you.

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After dealing with poor customer service elsewhere, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible on any issue you may be having. We know what amounts of money could be at stake, we have been there too.

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